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Pine Tree Surf is a specialist surf coaching business that focuses solely on customized private lessons and surf guiding. Similar to a private ski or golf coach, we provide quality high-end private surf coaching for intermediate, advanced, and serious beginner surfers. Because we exclusively offer private coaching, our hours are flexible so you won’t have to sacrifice work or family commitments to achieve your surfing dream.

At Pine Tree Surf there are no large groups with matching rashies and boards; we only offer discreet, professional private coaching. It’ll just be you and your coach whose sole focus will be achieving your goals through high-end coaching. You will never have to wait for others to keep up, or be left behind if you need extra practice. Appealing to the independent traveler who doesn’t want a surf camp holiday package, our surfers enjoy the freedom to stay at the accommodation of their choice. With private coaching you are free to design your own holiday.

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With 10 years experience as a surf coach, Sven is a ASI qualified Surf Instructor and holds as well the French qualification as a Surf Coach (carte professionel). Moreover he holds the NARS (National Aquatic Rescue Standard) qualification for Lifesaving.  He studied sport science at the German Sport University in Cologne and holds a master degree.

Sven has spent over half of his life seeking out great waves teaching surfers from all over the world. 

Having spent most of his coaching career working for a variety of schools and locations, Sven has now taken the best elements of these coaching techniques to create a unique and effective style. Everyone learns differently and being able to customize and adapt lessons to suit the individual is the best possible way to achieve results.

Our playgrounds are the beaches and their first class waves around Hossegor, Seignosse and Capbreton. All those beaches provide world-class sand bottom waves, perfect for beginners as well as advanced surfers. Depending on swell size, direction and wind we will choose the best possible spot of the day, factoring in as well the crowd factor. We want to give you the most board-time possible and not hassling around with other surfers. 

As mentioned we offer year round surf coaching as water temperatures never drop below 13 degree in the winter. 

If conditions are not suitable for surfing take a short ride to the Pyrenees and score the ultimate powder session. Make your holiday a real cross over experience and combine surf and snow. Only possible in the south-west of France.

If you’re serious about improving your surfing or learning to surf for the first time, private coaching is the ideal choice. The following prices are based on private one-on-one coaching sessions.

Each half-day session is 2 hours long with approximately 1.5 hours of beach time and half an hour dedicated to theory lessons.

2 Hours private coaching: 65€

*Each Additional Surfer 40€ per session.

Full-Day Intensive Coaching

For surfers that want more intensive coaching, a full-day consists of a total of four hours of private surfing/coaching time (split into two sessions) and includes video analysis and/or theory lessons.  

Full Day private surf coaching: 120€

*Each Additional Surfer 70€ per day.

Maximum group size : four persons.

Discounts apply to all coaching lessons booked in 3, 4 & 5 day packages.

365 days of fun

We offer our service on a full year round basis, meaning you can book us even during the winter months. Ever thought about a cold-water surf experience? In fact the winter offers great empty waves if you know where to look. Air temperature can go up till 18 degrees and the water never drops below 13 degrees. 

If conditions are not cooperating why not bring your snowboard or skies and hit the slopes in the near Pyrenees? We can provide the same professional approach on the slopes if whished. Guided by fully trained and experienced mountain-guides. Just ask us.

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